Wreath Trend Alert

Recently my husband and I cleaned out the attic and I came across quite a few of my old wreaths. Most were the big mesh wreaths, and they are still really pretty, even if a bit dated. I had a grapevine wreath and a magnolia leaf wreath also. I started to wonder, “What is the new trend in wreaths?” So, of course, I went to Pinterest. I found two new trends that I love, 1) the wood bead wreath and 2) the hoop wreath. After looking at many different hoop style wreaths, I decided to try and make my own (here's a tutorial from Michaels).

You can use an embroidery hoop, a wire hoop, and just about any type of florals, ribbon and accouterments you want to. I thought this one from Pottery Barn Kids was so whimsical! I also love how they hung the wreath on a round mirror above the fireplace. I’ll be making one of these to hang on the round mirror above my couch! For the wood bead option, I really like this 18 inch whitewashed wood beaded wreath as a base from Hobby Lobby and then go from there. If you’d rather buy it already done, I found this shop on Etsy that has some gorgeous options.


What style do you like best?

Will you be changing to a new wreath style this year?