What is Phthalate-Free? (and why you should care)

Have you ever gone into a store that is heavily scented and started to get a headache? Or maybe you use a certain cleaning product that is heavily scented and notice that it makes you cough? There is a very real possibility that the chemicals in that product are literally making you sick.

Phthalates (pronounced thal-ates)are a class of plasticizing chemicals used in thousands of products we use every day including fragrances. These chemicals are considered possible hormone disruptors that have been linked to birth defects and an array of other health issues. The FDA does not require the listing of the individual components of fragrances. “There are about 3,100 different chemicals that manufacturers hide under the fragrance label.”(1) Of the top 10 most hazardous chemicals hidden under the fragrance label, phthalates make up two. Any product that has “fragrance” listed as an ingredient can contain these harmful chemicals. So how can you reduce your exposure and make your living space a healthier environment?

  1. Read the label. If “fragrance” is listed as an ingredient you can be sure there are unwanted chemicals present.
  2. Use items that specifically state “phthalate free.”
  3. Choose products made with essential oils for scent.

 All of our candles are made with Phthalate Free fragrance oils. And when possible, these phthalate free fragrances are infused with essential oils to create their beautiful aroma. MNC Candle Co. also uses all natural soy wax and 100 % cotton paper wicks so you can feel good about using MNC Candle Co. candles in your home.



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